Once the job is done, you clearly want to get paid. We’ve had plenty of experience to understand that timely payments are necessary for the success of any business.

You can rest assured knowing that you will get paid within ___ days after submitting your paperwork through a simple email. You can be paid via check or electronic funds transfer.

Also, you can view the status of your payment process at any given time or reach out to our team for more information regarding your payment.

Properly submitted paperwork gets you paid faster and avoids paperwork-verification delays.

So we’ll make sure to let you know of everything you need as soon as you book a load.

As soon as we receive your documentation, the payment process starts, so you’ll need to make sure your documents are readable and clear. This is easier when using our transportation app since it optimizes images and will get us accurate times.

Keep in mind that claims and accessorials can sometimes slow down your payment so reporting them to your broker within 48 hours after delivery can guarantee that you get reimbursed without any issues.

You’ll appreciate how our straightforward procedure makes the payment process much smoother.